Who are we?

we do small things, since 1987

It was the year 1987 when the Red Devils club was born in Thiene, a town in the province of Vicenza.
Those were the years when the word modeling was mainly associated with airplanes, the Airfix or Frog envelopes dominated the shelves of toy stores that held a corner dedicated to this hobby.
This is the reason why in those years the club’s name and symbol were chosen to follow in the footsteps of a famous fighter squadron of the Italian Air Force.
With the passing of the years, despite having members who are passionate about all the branches of modeling, it was decided nevertheless to maintain the name and logo that now distinguished us.
The highest expression of passion, flowed every year
in the organization of the competition exhibition, which, by right, had a good consideration at national level. From the year 2001 it was decided to change things, to give an important turn to this commitment.

The appointment was moved every two years in odd numbers, it was decided to call the competition with the ambitious name of “Red Devils Awards and most importantly, we all decided to open the door to Europe and the whole world.
In a continuous crescendo, edition after edition, now the “Red Devils Awards” are a competition among the most important in Europe and in the world.
Renowned names of the sector, visit the pavilions hosting the event every two years, giving life to the unmissable event for all fans during the weekend. Commitment, passion, friendship, these are the ingredients of our success, this is the strength that has always distinguished our association, this is the engine that has always fueled our quest to improve to give us and all the fans always the best expression of this wonderful hobby that unites us.